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23 Aug

Toilet Trivia

by Hindware
Toilet Trivia Toilets! Everyone needs one, yet we are reluctant to talk about them. It’s an essential fixture in our homes and is usually not given much thought whereas in fact, this modern day necessity has a very interesting history and some cool fun facts. Here are some fascinating facts about toilet, the loo, the John, the crapper; we bet you didn’t know about. 1. The average ... [More]
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Feng Shui for Bathrooms The advancement of technology has brought about many changes in the modern lifestyle. And with it, the desire for something better grows on. Earlier what was considered a necessity is now a statement of luxury and class. And modern day bathrooms are also not untouched from this. This is because our bathrooms offer a private sanctuary where we can be alone with our thoughts... [More]
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Relaxing Bathing Alternatives to Bubbles Its summers! A time to relax and unwind and take long bathing breaks. As therapists have already made it a fact, bathing can be a very relaxing activity and can help you lower down your stress levels as well. But have you ever thought about adding something else to your bath tub other than your bubbly soap? Well, you might be interested to know that not on... [More]
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