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Hindware's Desirable Bathrooms - Bringing life to your bathing spaces! "A Bathroom is the best place to get creative with thoughts and ideas; how about a space that has the best fixtures along with the perfect lighting and colours? Doesn’t ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2013/02/05/Hindwares-Desirable-Bathrooms-Bringing-life-to-your-bathing-spaces!.aspx
Bathroom Glory! "The design of your bathroom indicates its overall mood and energy. Tiled walls and shower curtains give it a clean look, while certain colours and accents can make your bathroom look more inviting. We ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2014/03/03/Bathroom-Glory.aspx
Discover Rejuvenation in your Bathroom "Relaxing Bathing Alternatives to Bubbles Its summers! A time to relax and unwind and take long bathing breaks. As therapists have already made it a fact, bathing can be a very relaxing activity and c ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2014/06/20/Discover-Rejuvenatio-n-in-your-Bathroom.aspx
Feng Shui for Bathrooms "Feng Shui for Bathrooms The advancement of technology has brought about many changes in the modern lifestyle. And with it, the desire for something better grows on. Earlier what was considered a nece ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2014/07/31/Feng-Shui-for-Bathrooms.aspx
Bathroom fixtures that work best for you! "Everybody wants a bathroom that looks great and works for them. It should be a serene and relaxing space where you can unwind from a busy day and forget all abou ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2013/04/22/Bathroom-fixtures-that-work-best-for-you!.aspx
HSIL Launches Premium Bath Fittings Brand BENELAVE "HSIL Ltd acquired Havells bath fitting business- Crabtree in 2010 and Crabtree is now Benelave carrying forward the legacy of Crabtree.   The launch was made ..." Type: Post
Tags : hsil, benelave, benelave products and design, crabtree bath fitings
Reconnect with yourself in your Bath "Whether you are kick starting your day or returning after a tiring day’s work, one place that you hit before leaving and after coming back home - is your Bathroom. With Hindware, your bathroom is no ..." Type: Post
Tags : hindware, jacuzzis, shower enclosures, hindware, closet, shower enclosures, wash basins, closet, get charged, wash basins, rejuvenate, get charged, rejuvenate, bathtubs, bathtubs, jacuzzis, jacuzzis
Brighten your bathrooms today! "Although the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a home, renovating it involves a lot of big decisions. Is it any wonder that when it comes time to choose paint color ..." Type: Post
Tags : bathroom shower panels, bathroom pedestals, bathroom remodelling, bathroom sanitary
Useful Bathroom Hacks "Are you looking for ways to enhance your bathroom experience? Revamping and making changes in your bathroom can consume your time and energy and above all cost you a lot of money. For this reason, we& ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2014/12/24/Useful-Bathroom-Hacks.aspx
Hindware Bathroom Accessories "Over the years Hindware has hosted a wide collection of Bathroom accessories that add that touch of completeness to any bathroom decor. A leader in Sanitaryware, Hindware aims to provide complete ..." Type: Post
Tags : bathroom accessories, bathroom fitting, bathroom tiles, sanitaryware, bathroom, wellness products, floor
Unique showers that illuminate the bathroom with colours "Hindware,   presents its unique range of LED showers as part of Hindware’s Italian Collection. These LED showers promise to make bathing a truly pleasing ..." Type: Post
Tags : shower faucet, shower heads, shower bath, showers panels, led showers
Style your Space "A bathroom is a space where we are usually alone, where we are ourselves and where we can actually unwind. It is no longer just a convenience or utility, it is a lifestyle statement. What began sl ..." Type: Post
Tags : bathroom, hindware sanitaryware, bathroom faucets, bath faucet, best bathroom designs, bathroom designs india
A Day in the Spa-at-Home "    Today’s fast paced life is likely to take quite a toll on us and there is never enough time for rest or self pampering. One way to ..." Type: Post
Tags : vital, natural, resource, water, fresh, technology, automated, automatic, mechanism, hindware, eco-friendly, nano, bathware, bathroom, fixture, massage, spa, tub, luxury, comfort, relaxation, modern
Basics of Basins "Gone are the days when bathroom was just a room in your home to perform your ablutions. With time, lifestyles have changed and so have the preconceptions of a bathroom, pertaining to its des ..." Type: Post
Tags : bathrooms, basins, pedestal basins, wall hung basins, table top basins, counter top basins, under the counter basins, hindware, get charged
Cornice : Ultimate comfort in impeccable style. "To commemorate the completion of 50 successful years of its existence, HSIL Ltd, the group behind India’s leading bathroom solutions provider – Hindware, has launched the ..." Type: Post
Tags : bathroom basins, bath faucets, bathroom fittings, toilet cisterns, waterless, water closets urinals
Cornice : Ultimate comfort in impeccable style "To commemorate the completion of 50 successful years of its existence, HSIL Ltd, the group behind India’s leading bathroom solutions provider – Hindware, has ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2010/11/29/Cornice-Ultimate-comfort-in-impeccable-style.aspx
Hydrotherapy for Stress "As the hectic lifestyle and work pressure takes its toll, one looks for simpler things in life to relieve stress. The companionship of a loved one, the comfort of your pillow, playing with the pets, i ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2014/09/18/Hydrotherapy-for-Stress.aspx
Amore – A Love for Wellness that transcends all! "From years galore, man has strived to create a perfect aura of wellness, to achieve that fine balance of luxury and ecstasy, which can only come from experiencing supreme bliss. At HSIL, we have alway ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2013/12/22/Amore-e28093-A-Love-for-Wellness-that-transcends-all!.aspx
Be water smart with Hindware "It has often been said that water is the quintessential resource on Earth, which is why it is a huge responsibility on the society to use water efficiently and incorpor ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2013/03/21/Be-water-smart-with-Hindware.aspx
hindware’s maiden Bollywood association with 'Shamitabh' "The brand Hindware that emerges from India's leading Sanitaryware giants, welcomed the year 2015 in one of the most exciting fashion. Hindware's in-film branding in Shamitabh, highlights the heighte ..." Type: Post http://www.hindwarehomes.in/blog/post/2015/02/18/hindwaree28099s-maiden-Bollywood-association-with-e28098Shamitabhe28099.aspx
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